Praise for SET

SET High has been one of the most important assets to my education, as my previous schools never attained the level of kindness, help, and understanding that SET High has.
– Rowan Latham

I am a junior at the School for Entrepreneurship & Technology. I’ve been attending SET High for three years, and it’s been an amazing experience. The limited amount of students that are put in each classroom creates a better learning environment. Teachers are able to focus and help each student understand what they’re being taught. If you’re looking for a school that will help improve your child’s learning needs, the School for Entrepreneurship & Technology is the perfect match.
– Teresa Blancas

I really love this school, and the staff is great. Dr. McCurdy is a terrific principal. He’s involved and connected with the students. Since coming here my daughter has made new friends , is doing better in class, and she is happy. The teachers are wonderful, helpful, and truly care about my daughter’s academic and emotional well being. SET high has been a great experience for our family.
– Carrie Banna