We Have Your Back

Hello, Esteemed Students, Faculty, Parents, Guardians, and Members of the Community,

In many regions of our great country, states have been pummeled with rains and flooding. The recovery, specifically in Texas and Florida, will be long and arduous. The devastation in Houston and the surrounding areas as a result of Hurricane Harvey is unprecedented. During the first week of school, after reading about real people in real time affected by Hurricane Harvey and studying the sociology of disaster in Ms. Lowenstein’s class, students demanded to use their social- entrepreneurship skills to find out how to help students affected most in Texas. Ms. Lowenstein reached out to a resident of Houston to understand how we can fill a need through a scaleable endeavor. Enter Steve Gordon, CEO of Lemonade Day—an organization dedicated to “teaching kids the power of entrepreneurship.” In partnership with Lemonade Day, Dr. McCurdy, Ms. Lowenstein, and Mr. Gordon assembled a plan with superintendent, Dr. Jennifer Goodman, to help students in Houston and Galveston at Odyssey Academy—a suite of charter schools serving approximately 1200 students. Meanwhile, at SET’s homefront, our students formed teams, leaders emerged, and we are ready, SET, and passionate about our work to provide 1200 backpacks full of school supplies/gift cards/messages of encouragement for our out-of-state school peers. We need your help to fill backpacks for students.

We know that in times of disaster, often memories are brief and relief efforts are short-lived. We, as a community at SET, want to engage with the students of Houston and Galveston for as long as it takes to rebuild. We will be making a long-term commitment to the students at Odyssey Academy with sustainable and far-reaching support. We are humbled to be just a small part of this massive relief effort and are eager for our students to have a real-world opportunity to experience social responsibility, one of the tenets of their social-entrepreneurship education.

Thank you for your assistance in strengthening the partnerships and bonds of students connected in shared optimism but separated by geography. Thank you also for assisting us to highlight, outside our classrooms: leadership, service to others, civic responsibility, and the knowledge that everyone can make a difference.

The School for Entrepreneurship and Technology will be the collection point for new backpacks and school supplies, and we will ensure that all donations are directly delivered to the Odyssey Academy. You may drop off your filled backpacks immediately, during regular school hours. The address is 3540 Aero Ct, San Diego, CA 92123. Our goal is to ship 100 backpacks by September 30—the day we kick off our Saturdays@SET program. Thank you for support. We look forward to building a strong relationship with our community partners in this very important endeavor.

Very sincerely,

SET’s Social Entrepreneurs #kidshelpingkids

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